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The Drishti Dance Team

Artistic Director | Anuradha Chaturvedi

Anuradha Chaturvedi is a critically acclaimed Kathak exponent who works as a dancer, choreographer and a teacher in South East England. She studied Kathak under late Pundit Arjun Mishra in Lucknow India, and is a recipient of Sringaarmani from Sur Sringaar Samsad, Mumbai, India.

Anuradha has been a performing artist for nearly 15 years. She has done Sangeet Praveen from Prayag Sangit Samiti, Allahbad, Indiaand also holds ISTD’s level 6 Diploma in Dance Pedagogy. She is also a Principal Artist for Yuva Gati, the South Asian Dance strand of Centre of Advance Training (CAT), based out of DanceXhange, Birmingham. 

Founder and Secretary | Saurabh Seth

Saurabh is a Management and IT professional and arts and culture enthusiast, with a strong commitment to promoting quality and excellence in all areas of organizational working.

His vision is to provide a framework and support system that fosters innovation and high standards of dance works. He brings with him the best of management practices to ensure the smooth running of the organization. 

Kathak dance techniques, body conditioning and creative expression through the form
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